Artists’ Books

Photos of some of Andrea Girling’s artist books

Scarred landscape in wooden box 2014 Scarred landscape paper cutout 2014 A Black Leaden Mass flag book 2014

(from top:  Scarred Landscape in wooden box, 2014; Scarred Landscape paper cutout, 2014; A Black Leaden Mass, flag book, 2014)


The Scarred Landscape paper cutouts have been intricately cut out by hand (no laser cutting here!).  The scarred landscape represents the soldiers from the First World War.  The trees are almost unrecognisable.

The flag book titled ‘A Black Leaden Mass’ was in memoriam to those that died and suffered in the first bombings in Norfolk in January 1915.  One person in Norfolk during the 1915 bombings described the sighting of the Zeppelin to that of a black leaden mass.  An eerie sight I would have thought across the beautiful Norfolk landscape.


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